Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Detroit River

Going through the Detroit River (or is it called the St Claire River). Regardless, there was nothing boring about it. First half was awesome...the current just whips you right along giving you good mileage for the day. One bummer was I got grounded x2. The first time was when leaving Algonac, MI. It was a must have taken me about an hour to get out. Then it happened again when getting out of the way of a freighter. That one was easy to get out.

The last two days of travel have been very divers. The river had all kinds of things to watch, houses, industrial stuff, parks, swamp...(you'll see in the pictures). We made it through the maze of fishers intertwined in the channel of the St Claire lake, and then through the last leg that leads to Lake Erie. The very last part of the channel was awesome...this very long canal lined with the green and red lights. The picture I took doesn't give the feel of what it was like at all.

We ended up finding a marina on the west side of Lake Erie and now are at Marina at Put-In Bay. Its an island in Lake Erie. Tomorrow is the big stretch across the rest of the lake if all goes well.

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