Friday, June 13, 2008

Eve of the Launch

So, tomorrow is the big day. All of our friends and family will be coming to wave good bye as we leave from our homes in Grand Rapids. The house looks better than i can every remember. After all these months of fixing up the kitchen...dang it looks good.

Let me clarify what is all going on. Deb (sister) Rolland (brother-in-law) and their 2 kids, Jannelle (10) and Bianca (8) have their boat (Precipice). I have my boat (Dances with Wind). We are leaving from Muskegon. We will being going up Lake Michigan, back down the other side in Lake Huron and into Lake Erie. Niagara Falls area is out splitting point. I take the mast down and head to the East Coast where I will be working via Erie Canal. Precipice goes up the St. Lawrence Seaway and up into Canada.

(picture: bird flying in Virgin Islands)

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