Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge was great. I kept having this sensation that I was not going to make it under since my perception is way off from under the bridge. "Precipice" made it...since they are are taller than me...I of coarse was fine. The bridge is 100 something feet under it.

So, we made it to Mackinaw City around 2 or 3 in te afternoon and decided to just get some fuel and keep going. We stayed at Hammond Bay Harbor...we were the only ones there. And here we are already on our way at 0530 to Harrisville. The water this morning is glass so we are making good motor time. Plus I can do things inside the boat and not have to worry about "jack" the tiller pilot getting set off by waves. Also I can haul out my computer here without worry of it getting wet or damaged by waves splashing on deck or getting knocked over while being jossled by the waves.

Yesterday was much warmer than all the rest so far. I could strip down to a single layer of clothing instead of 3. It was much need for me. I do not like being cold.

I am getting a little bit better at handling the boat at docking areas and stuff like that. I have had a few experiances where I have the wind working against me and I am there so close with about 10 people watching or trying to help with no avail. I get so frustrated...why does every one have to be there when I suck. But of coarse the one time I do it all by myself (get close enough to jump to the deck, steer the tiller and not hit the dock and then actually jump) one is there to praise me and tell me how cool and talented I am. I think I will get over this...I guess you just have to look like a fool until you learn how to do it better.

My battery to the computer is about to die, more pictures later...


MoMologette said...

YAY!!! So glad you made it that far already. My dad doesn't sail, but has a houseboat. His nickname is "Captain Crunch". I'm sure you get the idea. LOL!! I'm sure someone will be there next time to see your sophisticated docking maneuvers. ;) Take Care my dear!! Can't wait to hear more updates.

Julie said...

Rachael I'm very much a landlover but your adventure could steer me towards the water. Drink in all the beauty (not the water) and be safe! (Jenn would say "that's the mother in me coming out)" Miss working with you!!!!Love Julie