Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last day of work...maybe

So here i am...my last day at St. Mary's. But i might have to work thursday for my standby. I am the admit assignment...almost got that guy from ER who they intubated...uh...found some advanced directives, pulled the tube and went somewhere else. Poor guy. Things are going smooth. No last minute admits or transfers, hopefully it stays this way for the last 1.5 hours. Going to miss this place. Thanks for the cookies Suz.


Jim said...

Thanks for letting me know you were on your way after today. I know you have looked forward to this for quite some time now and I'm happy that you are making it happen. Both excited and proud for you, I will check in on your journey often.
You are a special person and I will miss your unusually quiet ways.

Jenn's Adventure said...

It's easy to talk about leaving but when it comes down to it, it's tough to leave such a great job! Here's to sailing to high seas (well, Lakes then the Ocean...don't go getting yourself into too much trouble!). I will see you at your launch party (if I don't have to work my standby...) and wish you well. Stay in touch.
Love jenn (gable)

jj_backyardbbq said...

So the time has come for the Big Advanture... I will miss seen you at church and walking the neighborhood on Tuesday night. I will keep you lifted up to the Lord. Remember that our first missisonary travle by ship too. Blessings on your trip and if you need any thing ASK!
Your brother and Pastor.