Sunday, June 29, 2008

First day on the Erie Canal

Rolland (brother in law) helped me on my boat get to Tonawanda NY to get the mast taken down. We traveled through the night taking 36 hours to get to Buffalo. It was a little tricky navigating since it was "pea soup" out side, (as the locals call it). Yesterday was Rolland's departure back to put-in-bay where Deb and the girls are. So today is the start of my adventure across NY in the canal. We did one lock already...I am glad to just know how it goes before I do this on my own. The guy here at the Marina is doing a good dubey by getting me going today rather than waiting for Monday and regular business hours. It's pretty crazy, the first fixed bridge is about 25 yards this point is the very last point a sailboat can go with the mast...

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you made it there ok, everyone!
Everyone here on the B-side (on this sloooow day) says hi, we all love and miss you!
Dave Gaarde says "beware of blog-stalkers" (its a copywritten phrase).
Keep up the good sailing!
Kelly, Quiana, Julie Fick, and Dave G.