Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to the working world.

I am back on City Island and feel good. I had a good last 6weeks on my trip back down to NY. I learned a lot about sailing and about Chanty, learned a lot of myself, and really enjoyed it all despite that problems that come along with it all. I am seeing things that I am doing now that 2years ago I wouldn't believe that I would be doing. I have become comfortable handling a boat myself and having this much of a good time. I am in NY working...somewhere I thought i would never go being a farm girl and all.

Its good to come back the friends I had made here previously. A year ago this time I came in on the Catalina from Michigan and Lucile, another sailor, was on her boat watching me come in. I was asking the usual questions of where is the dock master and who do I tell that I am here. She laughed and said, "not here at Consolidated, come and have some pancakes." This time around I was happy to she was on her boat and we had dinner along with her husband Fred. I didn't know chili dogs could be so good after eating canned food and pasta for so long. I am now caught up on the latest since I was gone. Today was a day of getting the outboard motor off the Catalina to get fixed and then towing her out to a mooring and bringing Chanty in to the dock to live on. I took a dip in the NY yucky water that makes me squirm a little but it is so hot...i feel better

Tomorrow I start work, I look forward to starting out new again. I feel renewed and refreshed ready to "fight infection and save lives," like my old co-worker Michelle at St. Mary's used to say. This new chapter is welcomed by me. I will probably not be having nearly as many pictures as I have been having these last few weeks and the posts probably a little less often.

Thank you all who have followed along with the blog and have found it interesting!


Life 102 said...

Have fun back in the working world. Hope you get some good assignments and meet more new people. Talk to you soon,

Lee Winters Cruising Blogspot said...

Hello. Just a sporadic follower who really enjoys the posts and the pics. Singlehander here who's made it down to Panama, but wish I had an eye like you do. Keep them coming when you can.