Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's see here...

The last I was on Isle Au Haut. Got an email about a job in Maine. Since there was barely a signal for cell phone I left Moores Harbor in search of town with a good library to do some printing and stuff. Southwest Harbor was the place. By the time I got there and gathered every thing need for Maine license...the job already got filled. Too bad, too slow. Mass. license still not here. I am in limbo here hanging around Dessert Island...not a bad thing at all. But funds are running a bit low and need to get back to work. I should know something by next week.

In the mean time...getting some work done on the boat. Fixed the wasn't taking water in to "flush." Took a few things apart, not sure exactly what it was but is possible it was a priming issue. So regardless, it is fixed now.

I had some visitors the other day. Bob and Robert out for a sail taking interest in Chanty. (Bob happens to be a restaurant owner of Capt'n Nemo's Restaurant, we went to eat there. Good good food)! We were checking out the motor when Bob noticed the alternator fan was very loose. We then could see why. A big long bolt was missing. We looked for it and didn't see it any where in the bilge. So they suggested the engine place that was about 5 minutes from where I was moored. I went there, we found the bolt with a magnet. Turns out the bolt didn't come unscrewed it actually broke. The guy got me a new one and now my battery is charging much better.

Anyway, of all places to be in limbo...this happens to be a good one. Lots of places to go with short distances to get there. Today is sunny and my cushions are getting a good dry out in the sun. Found a place with book swapping...they let me have a few since I didn't have any to swap. So besides fixing the head- today is a lazy day, reading, listening to music, eating junk food and staying out of the sun. Had a bit of a bad sunburn yesterday.

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Michael Beers said...

Sounds and looks great! Let's see some more pictures.