Friday, August 21, 2009

City Island, NY

Little space...lots of anchored boats at Block Island
Leaving Block Island
Air conditioner from outside
Air Conditioner from inside
Hello every one. This last week has been a bit of settling in, a bit of learning at the new job, and visiting with friends and bragging about "Chanty." Today I got the air conditioning has been killer hot and uncomfortable. If any one wonders what an air conditioning unit on a boat looks like...check out the pictures. Since I will be sleeping day hours after today I want to be as comfortable as possible to be well rested for work. I have been finding places for everything and putting away off shore stuff and getting out living stuff. I still have a locker full of things that I have to go through and figure out what to do with. Not much room for stuff besides the basics. I think I will be putting a bunch of it on Catalina to have.

Catalina is sold! Still working out paper work and details.

The job at Cornell Presbyterian is going to be good. Very high end care and staff very knowledgeable. They do rounds twice a day and stay up to date on every detail. This is way up from Bronx-leb. I am no longer one of few white people but now blend in nicely with other white people of same age bracket. I will miss the diversity but welcome the newness and freshness of people knowing their field very well.

Some have asked what really is a Neuro Science ICU. This unit brings in people with head injuries, or head/brain tumors who usually have some sort of surgery and need super close monitoring. A lot of them have part of their skulls removed to let the brain swell without causing too much pressure in there and causing damage. Some of them have that piece of bone placed in their abdomen until it is ready to be placed back on the head. Interesting, huh. I look forward to all the things I will be learning and have been impressed with staff to are willing to teach. It reminds me a lot of St. Mary's.

The first few pictures were still on the camera until now. There were just so many boats back at Block Island...hardly a place to throw the anchor...


Byron Stephen said...

That AC looks to be the "bee's knees". Don't need on in Newfoundland but sure would there!

Jennifer said...

A neuro unit?! My personal near favorite. How long is this contract for?