Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is Geocaching?

Some of you may be wondering what Geocaching is. I will explain. I started Geocaching when I was working at St. Mary's in Grand Rapids. One of my patients was a geocacher and her husband (since the patient was intubated) told me everything there is to know to start geocaching. I thought it sounded interesting. After she left the hospital...I had an invitation from them to out "geocaching." So we went on-line to see where there were some geocaches and then went to find them. They brought me to a couple that they did before just so that I could go to one that they knew for sure was there.

OK, so what is it? Geocaching requires a GPS unit. You sign up on-line, its free for entry level, which is what I am. (If you want to be more advanced in the membership you start to pay member ship fees.) You put in the area you want to go like zip or state and it brings up all the geocaches in that area. Each geocache has a little description about the cache and something about the area...which is usually a cool place and the point is to get you there. There is a 1 to 5 rating scale of difficulty, terrain, size and some sort of clue to help you find it. So after you have decided which ones to do you take your GPS and get get it. When you find it depending on the size, you find stuff, usually just junk. There is always a log book to sign. Then you can leave things or take things. Some times there are "bugs" that have numbers that identify them and you bring them from cache to cache. Some have goals like, "bring me to Cape Cod" or something like that. Then over time the owner can track where it has gone and see if it ever gets to its goal. Anyway, when you get home then you go on-line and "log your visit." Over time you get better and better at it and its gets a little addicting. You can go to the geocaching site but of course they don't give you any coordinates unless you sign up. But at least you can see what its about and get more details. If any one wants to go...I be glad to show you how.

Ren and Mike, how what that for a geocaching seller!!!

I forgot to mention, when you go geocaching it brings you to places you might never have gone. So if you like to explore...you would like it.


Byron Stephen said...

Thanks Rachael for sharing this - it's really very kind of you especially for those of us wanting to get into it and learn it.

byron s.

Ren said...

Awesome! Mike and I knew that you would like it, especially with your explorer spirit!

It's amazing what you can learn from half-dead people! Just kidding... :)

I think that you did a great job explaining it and Mike gives his "seal of approval".

Keep on caching!