Thursday, August 13, 2009

Block Island, RI

Today is one of those days where its rainy, super windy and wet. Perfect for touring...less people. I really liked Block Island, RI. Probably because I actually had to go into town and do some printing again at the local library. It was a mile walk across the island to the other side where another harbor was. Did a little geocaching while I was there and ran across these animals. I had to laugh at these animals...they just didn't move and they just sit there blinking. You could probably throw a stone at that llama and it would just keep chewing and blinking. And these llamas look like they are hip high in mud or something but they just tuck their legs under like that.
At the trail that I took to the cache had this really cool way of making stepping stones. The idea was all those cool little things that you collect along the beach or were ever. You give them to these people there and they make either a clay or cement stepping stone with all the stones and shells etc on the top. It gave a lot of creativity to the trail. They were making one as I walked by...I was wishing badly I could have donated my little collection from a few posts earlier.

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