Friday, August 7, 2009

Fort Gorges, Maine

This morning before heading out to to do lab work I went to find some caches. Fort Gorges happened to be in rowing distance. Pretty cool place. Still open to the public but you have to find your own way there. So off I went to row .77 miles at 0700 in my shit dingy with no oar locks. It was worth it...I got to have the whole island to myself and look around.

These sculptures were in the area that I rowed to shore. As I was looking for caches the wind was picking up and had an eye on Chanty just in case the anchor didn't hold. I figured I would be OK since the anchor held for 2 tide cycles already. I was wrong, she was dragging and was getting very close to another moored sailboat. It was a rough row out as there was breaking waves. By the time I had got out there Chanty was in between the mooring ball and the other boat. It was just way to close. Pulled up anchor which was super difficult...really sore from that. Ended up getting caught on some rope down there so the anchor was fouled up and couldn't keep hold on ground.

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Life 102 said...

as always, love the pics. glad you are having a good time and work again soon... neuro no less... ooo, good luck with that! (c:
Love the do-rag and I can totally picture that parrot on your shoulder... polly want a cracker?