Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Adventure Continues...

So I am now officially off the Erie Canal and on the Hudson River. There was an instant change. I find that the canal was always friendly with nice little towns and little kids who wave at you on your boat. The Lock Masters take care of you. You can actually witness fisherman catching huge fish. Marinas are helpful and interested in what i am up to. Part of the time between towns there are sort of "residential" areas. Some are just nice cute cottages, others are mansions, yet others are barely standing. I really enjoyed seeing all the little pathways that came out to the canal; or the 2 plastic chairs that are just randomly placed in a tiny cleared spot. There are also long stretches of just wooded areas, or endless fields, or rock walls on both sides of you. A good portion of the canal has a path along it...lots of runners and bikers. Speaking of that...just to give an idea of how fast i am going---old running men pass by me and bikers pass me and then wait at a lock to watch. It really is quite funny.
So i am on the Hudson now, I just get a feeling of being small in a big place. The river is wider, bridges are bigger, more cars on the multiple highways. There are less markers along the way to figure out where you are. I just don't see people. But I found a nice marina to spend the night in Albany. A nice grandpa "Don" helped me tie up and made sure that i checked in with him when i got back from subway down the was dark and didn't want to come looking for me later on. Just the "dad" in him he said.
Things are getting close here with the schedule. I start work on Monday. Just enough time is left to get me to my marina on Sunday afternoon. I found out that my NY nursing licence as gone through and also that we don't have to be there until 11am instead of 8am...just enough time to just figure out how to get there!

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