Saturday, July 5, 2008

I will be in City Island (the place i will be staying) tomorrow. The last few days i have met a few people. I already told you about Don. He ended up giving me a quick session on tide tables and difficult areas in route to City Island. We also downloaded some Garmin (GPS stuff) onto my computer but were not successful in getting it into the GPS unit. Bummer. Thanks Don for all of your help.

Then I ventured on to get the mast put back up. Very interesting. This particular one was a hand crank. How am i supposed to do that myself? A guy who works there "Louie" started to help. At the same time the couple on "Aurora" arrived. I recognized them from the locks. We traveled in a little trio for about half a day. So Louie left and skipper(Eugene) and first mate (Brutta) of Aurora helped instead. They were much more helpful. We got mine up and then we did his with the help of Dan another sailor. When our work was done we enjoyed cold beverages with our small crew and wished each other farewell.

Its good to fellowship with others. I think i will end up seeing Eugene and Brutta again since they are going to the area i will be for a couple weeks.

Any way...all is well and i am going to bed.

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Jenn's Adventure said...

Almost there Rachael! That's exciting, now you'll have to start studying the NYC map (c: Hope the rest of your trip goes swimmingly and you have your first day without trouble. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
Good luck, love jenn