Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bronx Botanical Garden and other updates

I have to laugh while I am writing this little paragraph ( I have Jenn Gable in mind). So I guess is common at this time of year where there are these certain kind of fish that are about 1-1.5 feet long that swim in huge schools. They come in our marina and they are just everywhere. They sort of give me the willies because there are these other "blue fish" that come and attack them just for the sport of it and leave the hunted fish half wounded. I have yet to see an attack happen but these blue fish apparently have fins and are very vicious. Jenn I know how much you love little fish and your healthy fear of getting your little toes bit off. (There is a point to all of this)

Now here arises an issue. In fresh water boater don't have to worry so much about corrosion and growth on their hulls. Its a whole other case in salt water. Things grow quickly and props are destroyed. So you can get you boat hulled out and cleaned, hire "Barnacle Bill" to use his equipment underwater as he is hooked to an O2 tank, or jump over boat void off the scary blue fish and do it yourself.

I was thinking of doing option #2, but i was one-upped by one of my boat neighbors "Ducky." He must be about 70-80 years old. He did option #3. If he could do it and not get attcked...I can do it. I donned on snorkel and fins (so my toes wouldn't get bit off) and went to work. It was a dirty job and ended up with a lot of green on my body. I had no encounters with any "blue Fish" or any fish for that matter. All in all it was an good experience and will do it again to preserve my outboard motor.

I finally decided to get an air conditioner for the boat. It is just not possible to get adequate amount of sleep during the day in 90 degree weather. It works but of coarse i haven't needed it yet. But no i am prepared for the heat when it attacks again.

This past Friday I took the afternoon to go the the Bronx Botanical Garden. The weather was perfect, and the flowers and plants were quite phenomenal. They had this huge pond with enormous lily pads. I also enjoyed the huge rose garden. Since it was a long walk to get there, i was able to have most of it to myself and shoot some good pictures undisturbed. So work so far has been pretty good. I am still amazed at the amount of travelers at this hospital. This has a lot of staffing problems. It is not uncommon for about 4 nurses in our unit to just not show. This is their own staff not the travelers. Since they are hard for staff anyway they really are not in a place to fire these non compliant nurses.


Jenn's Adventure said...

My skin was crawling, I can't believe you got in the water! What about sharks?! What about those fish! What if they'd attacked you?! Oh jeez, Rachael, you've got some guts!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness... I can see you "diving on in there" and coming back looking like the swamp monster. Green slime... now that's a new one. You take some great pictures.. I am impressed.