Friday, July 18, 2008

To all those who support me...

I wanted to thank all those who leave me messages on this blog. They seem mostly to be from my co-workers at St. Mary's and a few others. I just want you guys know that I greatly appreaciate your notes and comments. It feel loved and supported. Its good to know that after 3 years of working in the ICU at Saints I have people who still think of me and are interested in my life. I think there will never be a better to place to work than Saint Mary's ICU as I left will always be my home.


Jenn's Adventure said...

Well said Rachael and I agree 100%.

Kelly said...

we love you rachael!! always interested in what you're doing, and i cant wait to swap travel stories with you!
sara says keep up with the good pics.
that post made us really miss you, its not the same around here without you girls!
kelly and sara

Julie said...

OH MY GOSH (or OMG!) as Jenn would say:) Rachael you are missed. You and Jenn are talked about more at work than shows up on the blog. I hope you are coming home at some point when you are finished with your travels or just taking a break. I truly hope you are having fun and I know the senery is good. Have you met any friendly folk? How is work going? I know nothing can come close to Saints but there must be some other fun places to work. As Kelly and Sara said we really miss you and want to know how you are doing. My husband, Tom, is keeping up with your blog as well. He thinks your sailing adventure is really great. I think my father-in-law is also keeping updated. Take care Love you and keep us updated! Julie

mary and john and kids said...

Hi Rachel... So sorry I haven't written before, i've been keeping up with your blog and your wonderful pictures, and feeling quite envious of your adventure. Trying not to be too Mom-ish and worrying about you. I know your adventure has only begun, but please know that you are always welcome to come home for a visit, we'd all love to see you, in the meantime, keep up with the writing. As i said to jenn, in the absence of my friends on the night shift (they all absconded to days), I need it for my nightly entertainment!! I think you might need a kitty on your boat to keep you company. Hm Random. Keep in touch, Mary