Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The New Job

To tomorrow is my third day of work. These last 3 days have been the very boring and unorganized "class room" orientation. Tomorrow i get to go to the floor and spend time with a preceptor. It had been great getting to the know the other travelers, there are 7 of us along with the other new grads who are going through some of the stuff that we are.

So City Island is nice. Just a small island with a main street up the middle of it. Many seafood resaurants, marinas, a post office, laundary mat, library, a West Marine even (good boaters store). Bronx is a busy area. I am definately a minority. Primary population is hispanic.

I rode my bike to work the first day...didn't have to be there until 11am. From now on i will take the bus. Very easy. I went to the library today and checked out a few books to read on the way. The bus is great fun for people watching and learning differant types of cultures. i have get to venture on the subways. I think this weekend i will visit the Bronx Zoo and the Botany Garden that i pass every day.

So far everything is a new adventure and still fun...goodnight.

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Jenn's Adventure said...

Those first few days are boring! I agree, and it is interesting to meet other travelers. Glad you are enjoying the city, you should definitely go to Manhattan, Central Park, see the footprints of the World Trade Center and check out Time Square. I read somewhere that it if you are bored in NYC then there's something with you... Have a good time, hope your first shifts with actual patients and nurses goes well.