Thursday, July 17, 2008


There was one night where i kept going after dark on the boat on my way to Kingston. I didn't plan real well and sort of left a big gap between where i should have stayed for the night and where i did. (I don't recommend doing that again if unfamiliar with the was low tide and i kept feeling the bottom rub on the keel.) But if i didn't i would have missed this awsome series of colors.
this was on the Hudson river...first it was blue like this (not color enhanced...the real deal)...
...then it turned this amazing fire/pink type color after i passed under the bridge. I just couldn't stop staring at it. It was one of the more enjoyable part of the trip to watch over a couple hours the changes in color.
This one turned out blurry but there was something sort of artsy about it so i just threw it in the blog.


MoMologette said...

I'm loving all the pictures (from your spiffy camera). Beautiful! And thanks for taking us along in your journey! So fun...

...Nicole A.

Julie said...

Hey Rachael, the pictures are spectacular they make my day. Almost like being there, (I wish I was). How is work going for you. We think about you and your adventures at work and we miss you. I'm reading your reports all the time and my father-in-law just bought a 30ft sailboat and is planning on something simular to what you are doing, except for the nursing part, he just can't do that. Take care hope you are having fun I'll keep reading love Julie.

Kelly said...

hey rachael,
glad work is going well.
we are so jealous of that scenery! just getting caught up on the blog, sorry we've been slackers the last few days.
sara and kelly