Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Minute Family Gathering

(Written monday 7/28 on way to Vermont)
Last week Rolland and Deb mentioned meeting up with my sister Marcia and her family who lives in Vermont. I said I would like to try to meet too. The train ride so far is very nice. I finished a book I was reading, took a 2hour nap, found a route online for Marcia to pick me up (thank goodness I decided take my computer.) But now the internet signal is weak so I am just writing this up in Microsoft word for my blog later. The view out here brings back memories of previous road trips to Vermont. Rivers, mountains, sunsets, trees, old farm houses, cows, pastures, trackers, I love this stuff. It’s a nice break from the city. I could survive in the city but deep down I am a country girl.

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