Monday, July 14, 2008

Things have been going pretty good so far. I am making some friends here at the boat yard. When I arrived last Sunday Lucille invited me over for pancakes for breakfast as I tied to the dock. I met her husband Fred and was then introduced to Miriam and Al. (Both couple have multiple years of sailing under their belts.) They immediately took me under their wing and watch out for me and always inviting me over to their boats. Its comforting.

So instead of the going to the zoo and garden, Miriam and Al offered to take me around NYC to get a feel for where things are such as Ground Zero, Pier 17, Battery Park, and to see my route from the land point of view. It was really helpful. We then came home took naps and went to watch Hancock at the movies. It was a good day. Yesterday was a do laundry and get a few groceries day. Miriam was my driver while she ran a few errands as well.

So as mentioned in the last post i had those 3 days of classroom orientation at work. Thursday and Friday was spent a little time with charge nurse, some computer charting lessons and a lot of fending for yourself to learn when the charge nurse had to deal with a few charge issues. I assumed that the next step would be maybe a day or 2 with a preceptor to just get started. Nope...i was one my own last night. It went pretty good. Just a lot of getting used to a new system. My next night is Wednesday. I hope is goes a little bit more smoothly.

So tonight and the next few nights I will practice staying up late to prepare for the next few nights of work. I already went to get a few movies and books from the library to keep me busy during the late hours here at the boat. I think i will go to local ice cream place tonight at get a cone.

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